Ready and available for the UK to download in HD today

The Phantom of the Opera movie, based on Andrew Lloyd Webber’s The Phantom of the Opera Musical, was a sensational hit, starring Gerard Butler and Emmy Rossum and is now available for the UK to download in HD on iTunes.

The 2004 movie directed by Joel Schumacker and produced by Andrew Lloyd Webber also stars Patrick Wilson as Raoul, Miranda Richardson as Madame Giry and Minnie Driver as Carlotta Giudicelli. Since its release, the internationally known story lives on through on-going West End and Broadway theatre shows. The new touring production is now making it’s way around America after a hugely successful run in the UK, various productions can be seen around the globe and it has been produced in 151 cities, in 30 countries around the world.

Upon it’s release, the performances and visuals in the movie were described by critics as “Absolutely stunning” and “Extraordinary” and now in 2013, is available for the UK to download in full HD, today!

Click here to download your copy now and watch in stunning HD!

Now Touring Across North America